Friday, March 29, 2013

California February 2013 Unemployment Rate Compared to the Other 49 States

California's state unemployment rate dropped 0.2% from 9.8% in January down to 9.6% in February.  Despite the improvement, California tied with Mississippi and Nevada for the states with the highest unemployment rate.

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  1. What an excellent blog with all the graphs & charts!
    I just stumbled across you completely on accident & am so glad I did!
    I had just seen Glenn Beck give an overview of the book, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” by Stuart Chase & became interested in doing further research as I'd never heard of it before. Your site was one of the few to pull up when I Googled it, so I had to stop on by to check it out. I must say you really had Obama pegged back then, so long before most did. Good insight & the graph showing connecting the 'dots' was really impressive.
    I added you to my reader & will be sending twitter buddies this way as you publish.
    Again, nice work. :-)

  2. With this kind of graph, I wish I'm living in North Dakota. Surely the people there is happy with this rate. I wonder if they can really feel it.

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