Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Honest Health Care Debate?: Are We Really THIS #*&@ Stupid?

Like many Americans, yes, I'm interested in real, sensible, practical health-care reform--you know, the type that makes sense, reduces costs, and improves care. However, I just have to shake my head when I see the blatant manipulation (they're not technically lies) coming from our so-called "leaders" in Washington.

Here's a little snippet that caught my eye about a month ago in a Washington Post article:

"In the stage-managed event, questions for Obama came from a live audience selected by the White House and the college, and from Internet questions chosen by the administration's new-media team. Of the seven questions the president answered, four were selected by his staff from videos submitted to the White House Web site or from those responding to a request for 'tweets.'

"The president called randomly on three audience members. All turned out to be members of groups with close ties to his administration: the Service Employees International Union, Health Care for America Now, and Organizing for America, which is a part of the Democratic National Committee. White House officials said that was a coincidence."

If this really was "a coincidence," I would suggest that the President buy himself a lottery ticket! His luck is truly phenomenal!

The Serivce Employees International Union (SEIU)? I've heard of them. As reported in the L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune, didn't the SEIU spend $60 million to elect the President and now have unprecedented access to the White House? The SEIU is also #9 on the list of the largest political contributors to some of our lofty, ethical elected officials (97% from only one political party--you guess which).

I'm not familiar with Health Care for America Now. That sounds like a non-partisan group interested in prudent health-care reforms, right? Let's see what I can find out about them from their web site.

Hmm, well let's see. There's ACORN, the AFL-CIO (#31 on the top politcal donors list), American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (#2 on the list), Americans United for Change (hey, isn't their former president, Brad Woodhouse, now the communications director for the Democratic National Commitee (DNC)?). Wow, and I haven't even made it out of the 'A's yet.

Again, I wasn't familiar with the name Organizing for America until I again searched the web. Oh yeah, this was the organization that then-candidate Obama formed when he was seeking the White House. The site helped organize his campaign in different states, mobilize his volunteers, and they maintain huge E-mail list. I scroll down the page. Wait a second, is this site managed by the DNC--the same DNC where Brad Woodhouse now works but used to be with Americans United for Change? Wow, another stunning "coincidence"!

And people thought Richard Nixon was tricky. Apparently President Obama excelled in his previous role as a "community organizer." These groups are well coordinated from the top, but they are also more inbred than some crazy dog breeds.

This so-called "national debate on health care" is a complete SHAM. This is a complete SHAME!!!


  1. Yes you are! I too was upset about the lack of a debate on health reform. Your post here is about as reasonable as the anti-reform folks ever got, and you didn't responded to a single one of the policy positions or arguments being proposed! The folks on the right who did respond, did so with distortions, outright lies and fear tactics. How's that working for ya? I hope you enjoy political advantage you've gained from undermining America!

  2. questions staged to insert the concepts as if they are a helpful solution.. but actually misleading suggestions of trying to take our country into a government insurance SOCIALISTIC type set up and get away from employers working with insurance companies to offer packages and away from individuals getting their own.. just let the government provide a blanket policy.. HELLO obvious PLANT QUESTIONS trying to get public on board with thinking this way.. WE DONT WANT SOCIALISM HERE.. what a joke.. all questions and answers ALL planned like a script to act out for the sheeeeeeeeeple to FEED on and brainwash them into believing people actually want this crap here in this country.. Its worked out so well for others.. NOT.. anyone with half a brain can see thru this obvious attempt to manipulate the masses into believing this is what people are asking for. Hoping and praying that people will just go along with it until some big ball of momentum keeps it rolling all by itself. This is how the seeds of socialism get started THRU BLATANT fake setup question and fake answer "speeches".. He would never be able to take on the REAL QUESTIONS the people would like answered.. thats why he buffers himself from the real people and real media and real questions.. they are all questions that would expose him for the lying dictator that he really is.. he needs to be CRIMINALLY CHARGED not just swept away with the trash.. he needs to pay for the damage he has done to our country.. he has circumvented constitutional rules .. tried and is still trying to make the works CONSTITUTION and LIBERTY and FREEDOM and PATRIOT all dirty terroristic words.. HE IS A MUSLIM of the extreme kind LYING LIKE IT SAYS IN THE KORAN to get what he REALLY WANTS DONE.. the ruining of our country so it can be taken over by his real partners in CRIME.. He is good at brainwashing the masses... so was hitler and a few other people who share his same view of government and how to run one. He is poison to our wonderful way our country is set up to run.. and he is using these fake set up MOCK speeches and question and answer sessions to IMPLANT ideas he KNOWS "patriotic americans find offensive". If you love your country your patriotic. being a patriot is NOT a terroristic thing.. but he is trying to change the meaning of the word and brainwash young people into seeing patriots as some kind of monsters while trying to paint muslims in some peace loving light needing to assimilate into our society peacefully.. what a crock of shit. Wake up people .. you have a MONSTER in the White House.