Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senator Barbara Boxer, Comedic Genius

Few in the country realize the comedy genius of one of California's fine Senators. Of course, I speak of Senator (don't call her ma'am!) Boxer. She brings such levity to the hallowed halls of Congress. But then again, it might just be something leeching out of the old plumbing in the Capitol.

And some people still wonder why I worry about the state of our union. Folks, I think we have ourselves a new spokesmodel for good governance!

Let's all give it up for Senatoooor Barbaraaaaa Boooooxer (and the audience goes wild)!

Barbara Boxer and Appropriate Protest Attire

What? Smart, articulate, people with good grooming habits can't protest the government? Well, it must be a conspiracy I tell you!

Don't Call Me Ma'am!

Sorry Senator Boxer, I don't think the general meant any disrespect but you know those whacky brigadier generals! Generally, people in the military address people with superior authority as "sir" or "ma'am."

It's Only Racist If Someone Else Does It

The interesting bits start about a minute into it. Harry Alford, CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, is testifying regarding green jobs. Let's see Senator Boxer's witty retort. Maybe it's because he called her "ma'am." Makes us all proud, doesn't it.

How long 'til 2010? Democrats, really, you don't have anybody else that can run?

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