Friday, October 26, 2012

California Governor Brown Accuses Proposition 30 Opponents of Being "Orwellian," Needs to Look in Mirror

California Governor Jerry Brown is such a hoot!  In a bit of apparent irony, Governor Brown accuses opponents of his Proposition 30 tax hikes of using "Orwellian propaganda."

"Orwellian" comes from George Orwell, the British author of a number of great books that are as pertinent today as when they were originally written.
  • In 1984, the country "Oceania" is tyrannically ruled by The Party and its Thought Police.
  • In Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
Which political party holds nearly 2-to-1 majorities in BOTH Houses of the California ("Oceania"?) Legislature?  Which party holds EVERY state-wide elected office in California?  The answer to both questions is The Party, also known as the California Democratic Party.

Which two of the biggest political spenders in California ("Oceania") politics--who also just happen to be major donors to Governor Brown's campaign and his political party--support Proposition 30 tax hikes with large donations.  As a complete coincidence, of course, Proposition 30 would indirectly funnel more money to these same donors.

Which group was it that, until early October, had a $40 MILLION spending advantage over any opposition to his Proposition 30 tax hikes?  Even after big contributions from opponents, Jerry Brown and his cronies still enjoy a significant spending advantage.

Who is it that purposely imposed cuts to public education and public safety to spur voters to pass his Proposition 30 tax hikes?  Of course, the Governor bristles at any mention of the word "extortion."

Who is it that created a tax hike that derives most of its revenues from just 2-3% of taxpayers who already pay the highest tax rates and who already pay roughly half of California's income taxes?

Who is it that specifically "electioneered" his ballot initiative to circumvent the 2/3rds majority requirement in the Legislature to raise taxes?

Who is it that, despite his heavy-handed use of official power to pass Proposition 30, calls the opposition "Orwellian"?

Governor Brown, if you want to see "Orwellian," look in the mirror!

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