Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Governor Jerry Brown So Loved Public Education ...

For Governor Jerry Brown so loved public education, he sought to eliminate California's 2nd-year science requirement to save money.  This came soon after California's 8th graders ranked near the bottom nationally on the National Assessment on Educational Progress (NAEP) test, just ahead of Washington, D.C. (with some of the nation's highest educational spending) and Mississippi but tied with Alabama.

"California budget proposal would end a science requirement:  Under Gov. Jerry Brown's revised budget proposal, a second year of science would no longer be required for high school graduation. The aim is to save the state money."

For Governor Jerry Brown so loved public education, he says he WILL NOT CONSIDER and THREATENS TO VETO any attempt to soften the blow of his "trigger cuts" to public education.  That's a little strange since he so rarely ever used his veto power against spending.  I guess we know where public education falls in his spending priorities.  Here are just a few examples.

"California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs $200 Million Movie/TV Production Tax Credit Extension"

"Gov. Brown signs bill spending $2.6B on high-speed rail"

"Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants"

"Top-paid California legislative employees get pay raises"

Californians, we've been played for suckers before.  Remember when 1984's Proposition 37 was going to solve education funding via the Lottery?  Remember when 1998's Proposition 98 was going to end the problem of funding public education?  Remember when 2000's Proposition 20 was going to solve education funding by better spending the Lottery money?  Proposition 30 is just another money-grab by an irresponsible California Legislature and Governor.


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